I utilize the latest technological and up-to-date linguistic resources, all of which allow us to meet the market’s demands and, at the same time, guarantee absolute client satisfaction.

A must-have for all English-Spanish translators working in the health care and medical fields!

Microsoft Office 2010
Adobe Acrobat Professional 
Adobe Creative Suite
Winrar, Winzip
Wordfast Classic
Wordfast Pro
SDL Trados 
SDL Multiterm
Omnipage, Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Books and reference material
A vast array of bibliography, including:
Monolingual Spanish Dictionaries
Monolingual English Dictionaries
Bilingual English-Spanish Dictionaries
Dictionaries of Spanish Language Usage
Dictionaries of Spanish Language Prepositions
Dictionaries of Spanish Synonyms and Antonyms
Spanish Encyclopedias
English Encyclopedias
Spanish Orthography Books
Spanish Typographical Books
Spanish Proofreading Books
English Grammar and Orthography Books
Specialized Glossaries and Dictionaries in a Great Variety of Fields, such as health care, medicine, chemistry, biology, U.S. law, finance and commerce, Internet and computing, education, advertising, industrial, clinical trial protocols, etc.
Style Manuals in English and Spanish

Documentation techniques
Vast experience in on-line research and verification options with experts.